Pôvodné 18650 3,7 V 2600mAh LI-Ion batérie EAIEP nabíjateľná Batéria ICR18650-26FM bezpečné batérie Priemyselné použitie

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Menovitá Kapacita 2600mahNáhradné Batérie NoVeľkosť 18*65MMBatéria Číslo 16-40Číslo Modelu ICR18650-26FMSúbor Typ Batérie IbaNázov Značky EAIEPDruh Li-ion

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Julia Chuvakaeva 2020-11-26

With the seller did not communicate, the seller sent quickly, three weeks the parcel lay in a sump in the spaces of China, then quickly arrived, total for a little more than a month delivery. Selectively checked the 4th pieces. All charge 3.57 V, resistance from 33-43 Mohm, capacity by category from 0,7 a 2,8-2,9 A/H. I will not say about the weight, the marking from previous parties has changed. In general, the goods and the store are satisfied, I recommend.

Bakit6103 2020-08-25

Доставка 2 МЕСЯЦА!!!!! Хотя всегда была 20-30 дней, но это служба доставки запорола...

Damesh1972 2021-01-04

Everything is fine!!! batteries correspond to the declared characteristics I take not the first time!!!!

Rafik565 2020-09-09

Waited for more than a month. Burned 10s3p battery for bicycle. Rolling. Pulls well, does not heat up, the motor 350 W, helping pedals can be safely 40 km drive.

Fantomas361 2021-01-26

Goods and packing without damage

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